Programs For Businesses With Cash Flow Problems  

You can Save 40% to 89% on your problem Accounts Payable. Whether you owe $2,500 or $25,000,000 in accounts payable, US Business Finance can help.

Through our Debt Management Services, we can handle every one of your problem accounts payable, from creditors to collection agencies to lawsuits and judgments. We can reduce your amount outstanding up to 89%. Our fee is a percentage of the money we save you. US Business Finance only makes money when we save you money.

  • Would a reduction of 50% to 89% on your problem Accounts Payable help your business today?

  • Would it be a benefit to you to no longer have to deal with phone calls from creditors?

  • Would it be advantageous to your business if US Business Finance could help you reduce and properly manage your finances in a professional manner to where your payment(s) would be within an affordable monthly budget you create?

  • If we could do all of the above and save you anywhere from 20 to 40 cents on the dollar of your problem Accounts Payable would you be interested?

Virtually every business has cash flow challenges from time to time. How you work with vendors to resolve the problem can literally mean the difference between bankruptcy court and stronger vendor relationships. Let us help you restructure your debt so you can manage your way back to positive cash flow.

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