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US Business Finance offers a variety of products and programs specifically designed for the below-prime business borrower. We have created a niche serving borrowers with financing needs outside traditional institutional banking by acting as an agent for direct private and institutional lending sources.

US Business Finance is dedicated to fueling the growth of your business. We have a special understanding of the day-to-day pressures faced by small business, and we know how important it is to get your project funded...FAST!

Our highly personalized service helps cut through the red tape often involved in securing commercial real estate loans from banks and other lending institutions.

You save time by having your commercial mortgage requirement directed to the most appropriate funding source. Our motto is "Rapid Result Funding", and we mean it!

We have the knowledge, skills and relationships necessary to successfully negotiate your commercial mortgage with the best possible terms, and will design a program around your specific needs and requirements.

Our job is to create access to cash through professionally structured financing. If you don’t accept a funding package offer obtained by US Business Finance, we receive zero compensation for our efforts on your behalf.

If you don’t get funded, we don’t get paid.

What could be more reasonable than that?

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