Small Bridge Loan Program  

The program is designed to provide short-term bridge loans to borrowers who are unable to obtain conventional funding. Tremont has the ability to provide creative structures for complex or time sensitive loans.

The basic program parameters are as follows:

Loan Size:
Interest Rate:
Loan Fees:
Loan Term:


Maximum LTV:
Property Types:

Property Location:
$500,00- $5,000,000
Typically floating rate, LIBOR based with floor of 12%
 Typically 3%+
 6-24 months
Negotiable based upon in-place cash-flow, interest reserves and credit enhancements.
Deal specific based on in-place cash flow, interest reserves and credit enhancements.
Up to 80%
Industrial, Office, Multi-Family, Hotel, Condominiums, Manufactured Housing Communities, Anchored Retail, Self Storage and Land
Must have past experience with property type.

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