Right now, this minute, specialty lenders across the country are looking to fund solid companies and projects. Each one has its own preferences with respect to the loans and equity investments they will make, but the cash is there in search of the right deal.
Your visit to this site indicates that you may be in search of capital to operate and grow your business or perhaps to finance a commercial real estate transaction.
Our job is to get your deal in front of the exact funding sources most likely to provide funding in a timeframe and with terms that match your requirements. We’re pretty good at it too. In fact, we don’t get paid until your deal closes. What could be fairer than that?
Real Estate
    Asset Based
Commercial mortgages can be difficult to secure. Our lenders do what commercial banks won’t. They provide Fast, Easy and Flexible real estate financing options, even when your transaction isn’t plain vanilla. 
We specialize in challenging loans with non-conforming borrowers. Hard to place loans are our specialty and we. . .
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An asset-based loan or secured loan is a loan secured by a company's accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, and real estate, whereby the asset-based lender takes a first priority security interest in those assets financed. It is an alternative to traditional bank lending because asset-based lenders target borrowers . . .
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Public Company Financing has always been a challenge. Today's difficult business environment has left many outstanding small public companies struggling for cash flow. This site offers creative and fast solutions specifically designed to provide the liquidity your company needs to implement it's business plan.
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Many potential transactions are impossible to complete because of a shortfall in lendable collateral value. In these instances, collateral enhancement programs may be a viable option.
This is a fixed-rate financing, with primary application for expansion and leverage buy-out situations. Start-up businesses will not qualify. . .

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