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US Business Finance's Mission Statement

US Business Finance is a Merchant Banker and financial consulting firm dedicated to providing rapid result financing solutions to small and middle market public and private companies in need of improved cashflow. We are a direct lender for Accounts Receivable, Factoring Transactions, and small Asset Based Loans. We professionally represent our clients and their projects to a broad range of specialty lenders and investors, matching each transaction with the alternative lender most likely to provide the financing sought.

The US Business Finance Code of Ethics
  1. We will maintain a high level of competence in alternative financial markets.

  2. We will make every attempt to present our clients and their projects in the most favorable light possible, ensuring the highest probability of success.

  3. We will be a success driven organization, deriving revenues from completed transactions rather than up front engagement fees whenever possible.

  4. We will always clearly specify our role in the client’s project or assignment.

  5. We will adapt to the individuality of each project and its challenges.

  6. We will at all times avoid any conflict of interest.

  7. We will never fail to perform our services to the best of our abilities.

  8. We will never deceive a client.

  9. We will never be negligent.

  10. We will always inform our clients of the risks of any undertaking.

  11. We will always inform our clients of our basic approach to their project.

  12. The matter of our fees will always be presented forthrightly so that our clients will always understand how we will be compensated.

  13. We will maintain complete and total confidentiality with regard to our client’s business.

  14. We will always work to the best of our ability to insure the quick success of every project.

  15. We will always recognize and honor the trust our clients place with us.