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US Business Finance is a Merchant Banker and financial consulting firm dedicated to providing rapid result financing solutions to small and middle market public and private companies in need of improved cashflow. We are a direct lender for Accounts Receivable, Factoring Transactions, and small Asset Based Loans.

When a project is not appropriate for our portfolio, we professionally represent our clients and their projects to a broad range of specialty lenders and investors, matching each transaction with the alternative lender most likely to provide the financing sought.

US Business Finance brings a unique set of core financing competencies to every funding project that we undertake.  Our principals and advisory board have a unique ability to review a client’s financial requirements and current financial situation in order to optimize the funding opportunities available. 

The ability to expertly (creatively) bring multiple alternative financing methods to bear on a particular transaction separates us from other merchant banking and loan brokerage firms that have fewer tools or financing sources at their disposal.  

We primarily serve small and middle-market companies whose capital requirements are not being met by their local banker.  Once we analyze your project, we quickly develop and implement a coherent financing strategy that maximizes your chances for success. 

US Business Finance prides itself on taking a private banking approach to supporting client objectives. By choosing to engage a customer we are committing all of our resources to making their opportunity a success. Customers that work with us know that this often means going beyond the role of a typical advisor.

US Business Finance is a success driven firm that gets paid only after your transaction is funded.  As such, beyond identifying whether we are capable of effectively helping a client meet their objectives, we typically require an exclusive engagement letter that obligates both parties to the relationship.  This solidifies our relationship and aligns our mutual best interests 100%.

The goal at US Business Finance is to add value to your corporation or commercial real estate project by offering a wide range of financing solutions and direct access to top national and local lenders and equity investors.   

There is a lot of truth in our tag line, “capital can’t fund what it can’t find.”  Rest assured that engaging our company will place your transaction before highly targeted sources that can get the deal done.

Thank you for investigating our capabilities and considering US Business Finance as a potential partner in meeting your financing requirements.  Please call us at 866-202-0305 to determine if there is a constructive role we can play with your business or project.